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"Unspoiled Greek island'', ''A Macedonian mountain rising from the sea'', ''A botanical paradise in Greece'', are remarks made by scientists who study the range of biodiversity endemic to the island, both on land and in the sea.

The mountains on Thassos (highest peak 1206m) boast large areas of unspoiled wilderness. The European Union's Natura project earmarked the forests of pine, black pine, juniper thickets (especially the rare Juniperus Excelsa), holm oak, arbutus, oak, sycamores, plane to name but a few, as a priority for conservation. Where the forests peter out, there are scrub areas containing mountain heather, ferns, meadowland, wild grasses and shrub. The extremely rich flora of the island contains about 1500 species and sub species of plants, including very rare ones, such as 27 varieties of orchid and 6 species uniquely native to Thassos. The island, like the neighboring deltas of Nestos and Evros, attract migrating birds as well as residents which are remarkable for their rarity, such as the Bonelli's Eagle, long-legged buzzard, Lanner falcon, shag, owl, peregrine falcon, Sardinian warbler and vulture. The EU Natura 2000 program has included the geographical triangle formed by Thassos, Evros and Nestos in its Special Protection Area network due to its wealth of bird-life.

At sea level, the marshes around Golden Beach are renowned for the glittering carpets of lax-flowered orchid and summer snowdrop that flourish throughout spring. The wetlands also support reeds and bulrushes and provide a habitat for tree-frogs, many varieties of toads and insects plus the freshwater Balkan terrapin, (Mauremys Rivulafa).

Rivaling the abundance of flora and fauna on land, is the multitude of life in all its forms in the sea. Again the EU Natura program has recognized the sea and fluvial systems around Thassos as being critical to the plants and wildlife that depend on them. They grade the area as the 15th largest site for sea mammals (cetaceans) and indeed dolphins are frequently visible. Furthermore, the endangered Harbor Porpoise (Phocaena Phocaena), found only in the Black Sea and Thracian Sea, is present, as is the critically endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus) which can frequently be found basking in sheltered rocky coves with their pups.