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"The trip to Panagia (1887) with the donkeys will remain memorable in the French traveler, (de Mandat-Gransey) because it gave him a chance to admire nature, which surpass in his confession, and virgin beauty, met in the Azores where he was 2 years ago. Fascinated by Thassos changed the opinion which had come then, to die in the exotic landscape of the Azores. Now I wanted to end his days on the island. "

History of Thassos Vakalopoulos.

On the northeast Thasos and in the best forest that has left the island at an altitude of 250 - 300 meters, is nestled in the picturesque traditional village of Panagia. Breathtaking beauty in a wonderful combination of mountain and sea and live Greek island tradition. With its distinctive architecture, narrow streets, abundant crystal waters of many springs, can cover all the interests of any visitor ...

There are apartments and hotels, many taverns in the village and the beach, with all Greek dishes will satisfy the gastronomic desires of even the most demanding gourmand. The famous sweet fig and walnut pumpkin of Panagia, made with both taste and ingredients, the local chipouro made in traditional distilleries, are definitely something the visitors should not miss.

Finally it will be difficult to resist the small cafes in the square next to the big fountain that runs below the crystal clear waters of the spring. For your entertainment there are cafes and restaurants with music either daily or on weekends meet your musical requirements.

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The church of Panagia
The church has always been a part of life for residents of the Panagia. Besides, the village was named after the church. It is perhaps the bolder church standing on the island. Built before from 250 - 300 years may, apart from religious devotion with which surrounds us just go in, can be filled with awe the visitor leading his memory in times of Byzantine glory. Here we can see the old icons (14th - 17th century), the image of Virgin Mary of Pantovlepousas (the only from what we know in Greece), the old coins of Virgin Mary (Bakir) but mainly white-red Banner of the era of the Crusades of Richard the Lionheart. On August 15 the Church celebrates a function of image procession accompanied by a multi band and common table ("koulmpani") from beef meat with potatoes or rice or stew, courtesy of the church to the faithful.

For the more adventurous there is untapped to date cave of our village, the "Drakotrypa". Accompanied by a local, can be found in an underground beauty that we believe is unique to the island. It may not have today the impressive stalactites and stalagmites that had previously, but the visitor will come across some artwork that nature as a sculptor carved in the walls.